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Alkalosis & Acidosis
Shalita Johnson

Respiratory Acidosis: This is a condition that occurs when the lungs cannot remove enough carbon dioxide that is produce by the body. When the body have excess carbon dioxide (CO2) this causes the pH of the blood and other body fluids to decrease, this make them acidic. This can be known as ventilatory and respiratory failure. Normal range: PaCO2 35-45 mmHg. pH levels are 7.35 to 7.45.

Respiratory Alkalosis: A interference that is in acid and base balance that is cause by alveolar hyperventilation. When being diagnosis with respiratory alkalosis the reason could be a nonlife threatening disorder. Normal levels are pH>7.45 and HCO3.

There are different things that can cause respiratory
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Respiratory alkalosis occurs when a person is breathing to fast are deep and your CO2 levels will drop to low. When this happen, it will cause the blood to rise and become to alkaline. Treatment is chosen by the condition that may cause respiratory alkalosis. When the blood becomes too acidic this lead to respiratory acidosis. Respiratory alkalosis treatment or not bad unless the pH level is 7.5. Patients have been told to breath into a paper bag during acute episodes. Respiratory acidosis a breathing machine might have to be used, you may be giving a bronchodilator drug, you may have to stop smoking if you do smoke. Smoking should be stopped even if it isn’t asking to be stop by the doctor because you still can be worsening the condition at hand. When someone is older this may cause slow down the acid base balance process. In the body the kidneys are one of our major organs and they change after you get up in age. When a person becomes an elderly person, they have a decline in the renal plasma flow then that of a younger person. Respiratory acidosis can be brought on by several different illness and health issues so there is really no way that you can avoid it but there are signs that you need to

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