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Response to Intervention is a multi-tiered instructional approach to early identify students who are experiencing difficulties in daily classroom learning and are not meeting grade-level expectations. As a student moves across each tier the academic intervention changes and becomes more concentrated. The purpose of RTI is to recognized students when they begin to struggle and provide them with a high quality instructional approach, to avoid the unnecessary LD label to students who can be helped to improve their academic performance.Within RTI students’ development are recorded through curriculum base progress monitoring. Some elements of RTI are as followed; all students are screen entering the school, there are three tiers of increasingly intense instruction, the first tier occurs in regular education, continuously monitoring students’ progress through objective tests. This monitoring is used to determine changes in how the child is taught, continuing progress monitoring throughout instruction and evaluating the changes. Involving the parent throughout the process and following the timelines of IDEA 2004, unless both the parent and teacher agree to…show more content…
During instructional modification they learned to analyze and decode words also, due to their short term memory, the skills they learnt had to be applied throughout the day, prompting them to remember to use the skills that were previously taught. The inclusion of the RTI process in IDEA 2004 has changes the way learning disability are now determine. In 2004 congress made changes to the Individuals with Disabilities Act implemented an alternative to identifying students with learning disabilities known as RTI. Prior to 2004, a student was labeled with having a learning disability only if a significant discrepancy of 1 ½ standard deviation between their IQ score and academic

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