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Responsibilities of Citizens All people are the citizens of their country and people acquire citizenship of their countries from the beginning of living and producing for there. In my point of view, citizenship is a status of group of people who live in a society and share same traditional values and rights. As people around us are citizens of their country, they should be aware of duties of citizenship in their country and follow them orderly. Being a good citizen requires a lot of responsibilities toward the state, therefore good citizens should live and create for the welfare of their country and sacrifice everything for its future. Citizens have duties and responsibilities…show more content…
As a citizen of Democratic Republic, we have great power because we have responsibility of informing ourselves on the issues and voting for the candidates that we believe in. Although it is sad but it is true that citizens do not use the power that rightfully given them by democratic government. Nation’s development depends on citizens and how they understand the politics. That is why voting is such an important duty of citizen. For example, voting in elections is good to know the democratic system of government is protected and give people to have a voice in government. Additionally, voting is important implementation to choose our presidents and how the leaders will run the country. We cannot imagine country without leader, otherwise chaos would spread and country can be fall down. It is responsibility of citizen choosing the leader to lead them to have developed country in future. Citizen should vote not only for himself but also for the society. Because everyone’s vote is valuable and important to choose right leader, or another government member. It also gives people a power to have better country because good leader lead them what is right. Country’s rise or fall of economy depends on president’s decisions and under his

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