Essay On Responsibility To America

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My Responsibility to America

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are untimely our own responsibility.” -Eleanor Roosevelt. Americans I believe our general responsibility is to say and know the national anthem, pay tribute to those who serve or have served, and excess the right to vote. I also feel we are held accountable to be an upstanding citizen and help the community. However, I feel as Christian citizens it 's our responsibility to share the gospel of Christ to whoever we can and show the world a Christian perspective.

Ordinarily, as Americans, we should know and participate in the saying of the national anthem and The Pledge of Allegiance. At all sporting events the national anthem is played, this should be a time of respect. All able people should be standing either in silence or reciting to show tribute for their freedoms. To begin every school day the students should say The Pledge of Allegiance. Students should be taught the reason behind this pledge and its importance. At church I conclude the Pledge of Allegiance to America, Christians, and the Bible should be said before every service. It’s our responsibility to show our
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Nevertheless, in America it’s our responsibility to vote. Voting is a way to express yourself and what your beliefs are. Your vote is your voice. Through voting you as a citizen of America get a say in who leads our country, it’s quite a big responsibility. While voting you access your freedom that so many lost their lives fighting for. Saying one vote cannot make and a difference is like saying witnessing to one person is not life changing. Every vote counts, you as a person are taking a stand for your beliefs and picking the best candidate possible. I mean in the end one vote can’t hurt
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