Essay On Responsibility With Respect To Technology And Technology

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Ethics Discussion on Engineering Responsibilities with Respect to Technology and Weapons Systems

Technology developed by engineers has undoubtedly given us many of the wonders we have today. The internet, cell phones, television, automobiles, airplanes, satellites, and personal computers are some of our most revolutionary engineering feats. If you open Google maps on your cell phone, you can view up-to-date images of China that have been taken by a satellite in free-fall orbit around our planet. What is more, in some places, is that you can zoom in and clearly make out a persons' hair color. This technology can obviously be used for many tasks: Land survey, monitoring schools of fish, and even finding hidden civilizations. However, whether by design or not, most any type of technology can be used for nefarious reasons. Russia using the internet to influence American elections, terrorists using cell phones to remotely detonate
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One would think if your enemy is constantly building their arsenal, you should too lest you become overpowered. Its ethical to build defenses, but when that technology is used to take lives outside of its intended operating use, things begin to unravel. The Manhattan Project is the greatest example of a moral conundrum we have faced as a nation. In August of 1945, President Harry S. Truman signed an order to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The first blast vaporized an estimated 70,000 and the second bomb five days later vaporized an estimated 80,000. America had nearly defeated Japan, and impending an invasion, decided to use an unruly force that brought about an unconditional surrender from Japan. Many argue that the bombs could have been avoided, but under pressure from cabinet members and military leaders, a swift victory was requested. No American lives were lost in the bombings, and it is somewhat accepted that more lives were saved because the war came to an

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