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What does it take to be a responsible America today? I believe to be a responsible American today I have to be patriotic and show pride and respect for my country. I show my patriotism by reciting the National Anthem, flying the American flag, and many other things. By showing my patriotism I show respect for the country, and the ones who served to protect it. Simply reciting the National Anthem is a way to show my respect for the country and gives a thank you to the ones who have fought and died for my freedom. The National Anthem means a lot to me for the utter fact that a few of my family members have served for the country. As a young child I can remember waiting at the door for my uncles to walk through, the thought of them not coming home ever again scared me. Every time the phone rang I hoped that my uncles would say they were gonna be coming home soon. After 4 years they finally came home, the sense of happiness and relief overwhelmed me. So every time I hear the National Anthem my arm rises to my chest and I happily recite it, giving thanks to all of my heroes, especially my two uncles Andrew and Jason Wheeler. Still to this day I thank the ones who…show more content…
Not to long ago a man kneeled during the National Anthem, then many followed in his footsteps. Not showing any respect for the ones who served makes me upset considering my uncles served for my country and put there lives on the line day after day for my freedom and there freedom. I firmly believe that all the men and women who have served for my country should be respected for their sacrifices and duties. So my patriotic responsibility to america is to always uphold respect and keep pride in my country. Along with always respecting the ones who have served for my country and gave me the many freedoms I have today. The least I can do is thank them for what they have

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