Essay On Responsible Breeding

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Irresponsible breeding or backyard breeding is when either animals breed accidentally or people breed carelessly without thought of where the animal is going to live or the future babies quality of life. As said on a poll by The Horse magazine 58% of people say that there is an issue with over breeding but do not have a suggested solution while 33% say there is a problem and they do have a suggested solution (“Is There Overbreeding.”). Irresponsible breeding practices of horses have had a negative impact on health issues, living conditions, and has caused shelters to be overcrowded because of laws not being enforced on horse abuse. There are many ways to affect the health of animal, both positive and negative. Overbreeding causing negative…show more content…
All too often unwanted horses end up being sold to slaughter buyer or more commonly they end up in shelters and rescues. Rescues are quickly becoming over crowded with horse 's who cannot or will not be adopted because they are unsafe to ride or they have to many health issues (Williams). Many rescues run on just donations or very little funding and workers are often volunteers so there is also the issue of not enough workers to care for the animals. Many horse 's that are in rescues end up not receiving the care needed because of limited supplies and limited funds (Williams). Overcrowding of horse rescues will cause horse 's to not get proper individual care. The individual care can be anywhere from not having yearly vaccinations to vet checks not being done when they need to be which could cause a health issue to be overlooked leaving the horse in chronic pain. Because of low funding regular upkeep would be missed like hoof trimming and special shoes (Pariser). Starvation is the largest cause of calls of horse abuse while neglect is the second main reason ("Anti-Cruelty Laws"). Starvation is a main reason of animal cruelty because owners are not able to afford feed but, they still love their animals and refuse to give up their
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