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Restaurant Analysis
Everybody knows that Kuwait is a non-touristic country because it does not have many places to visit. But my beautiful country has something all people love and adore. We have thousands of great restaurants. For this reason Kuwait can be called as food metropolis because of the variety of restaurants. We have local Kuwaiti restaurants like Bazah café, Fereej Sowaileh and Al-Wataniya Kitchen. More than that, we have many international restaurants like British, Chinese, Italian, American and Mexican. American restaurants are widely spread in Kuwait like Junkyard, Nathans Famous, Buffalo`s Ranch, Ruby Tuesday and TGI Fridays. In this essay I will talk about my experience at TGI Fridays and analysis its décor, menu, service
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The décor of any place gives people the first impression about it which encourages them to enter the place or not. When I entered the restaurant the lights were dim and the music was soft and sometimes loud. The walls were fully filled with pictures of different Americans actors, comedians and singers like Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Madonna; and there were guns, old maps, car doors and windows hanging on the walls. In general if I judge the place by its decor I will say that it is great because, it looks like a small museum in a restaurant and that may attracts some people.
Not only does the décor give us the impression that TGI Fridays is a good restaurant, but there were a lot of elements that completed the whole picture, Such as the menu of the restaurant. The menu of TGI Fridays was various and provided us with many options whether for food or drinks. Last time
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Actually, although the restaurant was overcrowded the waiters were running to serve the huge number of clients they had. When we entered the restaurant the waiter took us to our table and gave us the menu. He was standing near our table until we decided what we will eat. More than that, the waiter helped us to choose our main courses and gave us some recommendations. It took about twenty minutes to receive our order and the food was hot and as I mentioned before it was delicious. Other than that, the waiters were friendly and helpful and the service was

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