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Restless leg syndrome is a type of sleeping disorder which affects many people. From women to men, young to old anyone can have this problem. But this problem goes untreated mostly because people are not aware about it. In this problem we have a strong urge to move our legs. There can be temporary relief by moving them or doing some physical activity and so people think that there no need to go to the doctor. This problem grows with time and can disturb during pregnancy or old age. Doing activities for sometime is not a permanent solution to this problem. Treatment is very important. I chose this topic to know more about its prevalence, causes and treatment. Many of us have this problem and we don’t even know about it. Sleep is
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When these problems occur on daily basis and interfere with our life, they may indicate a sleeping disorder. Sleep disorder affect our ability to sleep. Depending on the type of disorder, people may have a difficulty falling asleep might feel tired throughout the day. Lack of sleep can have negative impact on our health, energy and behaviour.
It is a type of sleep disorder which causes excessive sleepiness or difficulty in staying or falling asleep. There are 3 types: INTRINSIC (caused by internal factor of body), EXTRINSIC ( caused by external factors of body) and CARDIAC RHYTHM sleep disorder.
Also known as Willis-Ekbom Disease, causes discomfort or painful sensations in the legs and there is an irresistible urge o move them. Symptoms occur frequently in the late afternoon or evening and worsen at night when the person is inactive for extended period. Moving legs can cause relief but the the feeling of uneasiness can reoccur once the movement stops.

Restless leg syndrome is a type of sleep disorder because it gets triggered while we are resting or trying to fall asleep. It is also a type of movement disorder because of the urge to move the

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