Essay On Restricting Football Equipment

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Putting on my restricting football equipment, is a task I must complete everyday. There are various ways someone can get ready for practice. I have my own unique way of preparing myself for practice, and I follow this way every single day. Getting ready for football can sometimes be provoking, but it is all worth it in the end because it ensures my safety. The first step in my routine, is putting on my girdle. A girdle usually carries hip pads, thigh pads and a butt pad to protect all those spots on my body. It is typically restricting around my legs and butt so it does not fall. A girdle can look a little abnormal with the pads in it, but it is well worth wearing in the long run. A Girdle is one of the many pieces of equipment I do not mind putting on because it protects my body and prevents injuries. This next step can vary, but I usually put…show more content…
The shoulder pads cover my whole upper body besides stomach. Some people,including myself, have back plates which cover the lower back. They are not too bad to wear, most are comfortable and not heavy. They protect my upper body and especially my shoulders. The helmet is by far the most important piece of equipment, which we put on next in the process. They have improved helmets over time, where most people are not getting as many concussions or neck injuries. A helmet is a huge factor in the equipment football players wears. If there was no football helmet there would be much more injuries than there is now and much worse. All these steps are well worth it in the end when I do not get those injuries I could receive from not wearing my equipment. Some players do not wear all their equipment and they get injured because of it. They give me all that equipment for a reason, it helps prevent injuries. So even though it can be annoying putting on my equipment I know it is what I must do to keep safe on the football
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