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Retail therapy refers to the act of going shopping or buying special things for oneself in order to feel better when they are unhappy. In other words, it is the habit of shopping in order to make oneself feel more cheerful and to get rid of negative moods. The article intends to understand the motive and psychology behind the behaviour of obtaining comfort through shopping. Retail therapy describes that purchase behaviour which uplifts one’s mood. Shopping has now turned into a stress-relief activity. Successful mood management during the course of shopping might affect perceived quality of life and emotional well-being. The significance of retail therapy was acknowledged in retail businesses and has been utilized in marketing efforts.
Shopping, Therapy, customer experience, Sadness, Decision making, consumer behaviour.
Retail therapy aims to improve sales along with profit and shopper loyalty. Exposure to shopping or purchasing facilitates people to feel better about
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While experiencing negative moods, majority of the members proceeded with shopping to relieve them more than half of the time. A clear pattern was not displayed relating the incidence of feeling a negative mood with the rate of going for shopping to relieve it. In the course of shopping stage, enhancement of mood hindered from visualizing consumption, existence well treatment by sales associates, experiencing retail environments, purchasing and shopping activity. Generally, the shopper’s shopped unaccompanied, expended more money and time than average, made an unplanned purchase for themselves and were loyal to the store. Post-retail therapy experiences from shoppers revealed better feeling after a shopping therapy trip. In general, shoppers signified their use of shopping as therapy was successful and effective and had little or no negative

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