Essay On Retrograde Amnesia

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Retrograde Amnesia
Retrograde amnesia is when you lose all memories from the recent past ( for example you get some sort of brain damage which then leads to the retrograde amnesia and you lose all memories from the past 2-5 years, maybe even less than 2 years and more than 5 ) . You can get retrograde amnesia from brain injuries traumatic events- (posttraumatic amnesia), surgeries, and/or electroconvulsive therapy - ( fact- some people purposely get electroconvulsive therapy to get amnesia, but it is most likely to trigger a seizure). The retrograde amnesia happens because you lost important brain cells, and once you lost them you can't get them back, so you will have to re-make them by making new memories.

Chronic Insomnia
Chronic insomnia is when you struggle sleeping, insomnia can last a short time (acute insomnia) and can last a long time (chronic insomnia). The cause of the chronic insomnia in this case is from MDD (major depressive disorder). What you can risk from lack of sleep - you could get depression if you didn't have it before, it could influence obesity( your hormones could lose balance and convince your brain you are hungry when you are not), you could risk heart diseases because your body panics and it then increases stress hormones which result in increasing your blood pressure, and your eyesight could become blurry.

Broken Leg
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Timothy is at risk of getting compartment syndrome- this is when swelling from the fracture is putting pressure on blood vessels which then make it hard for the blood vessels to transport blood to the muscles which could then lead to the muscles (around the fracture) dying, this could lead to Timothy being permanently disabled. Symptoms of a broken leg are obvious you can tell by seeing if there is swelling, severe pain, bruising, shortening of the broken leg, inability to walk, and in this case you could probably see a bone poking

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