Four Seasons Hotel Customer Analysis

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Returning customer refers to the hotel consumption again or long-term consumption of customers, it mainly reflects the hotel's ability to maintain customer and customer loyalty. However, in today's society, improving economic efficiency is usually the main goal of hotel management. In the fierce competition in the hotel industry, the hotel's returning customers in the hotel really generated a great profit. It has a lot of advantages for the business such as an advertising effect, their customers with happy consumption experiences can directly spread to others, and then produce a word-of-mouth effect will attract more customers. Through the customer's evaluation of products and services and its dissemination to the surrounding groups to stimulate…show more content…
For example, in 2010 Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, Four Seasons Hotel "people-oriented" is an important embodiment of the high protection of the privacy of guests and every guest equal respect. (Timothy R. Hinkin) Compared with this hotel, the concept of the problem is difficulties in operation in our own country, but Four Seasons hotel is firm in respect of human rights. Four Seasons Hotel before opening trial doesn't face to the society, which actually faces to the staff and finds problems to develop, in order to ensure that the quality of the opening is absolutely one hundred percent. This is people-oriented means the hotel let the guests as "experimental products."(J. Bruce Tracey). I think hotel always should ready to provide customers with quality service and make them feel satisfied in order to leave a good impression and have the willing to come…show more content…
Customers who consume the hotel will definitely be able to eat the food provided by the hotel directly. The hotel dishes should be on the basis of health and nutrition balance base with a tasty fragrance. In order to reflect the dishes exquisite, they will excessive use of high sugar and high calorie raw materials, even the production of repeated oil in the process is now problems of the most hotels. In fact, according to Dr.Cha, in MSU Hospitality Business Department, Many people do not wash their hands when the behavior in which they engage would warrant it. In addition, the failure of the restaurant staff to wash their hands after the toilet will cause the outbreak like Novick virus to trigger. The proper handwashing processes and increasing hand washing rates play important roles for the general public place especially for serving the food to the customers.
Despite many people may know that the handwashing habit is one of the requirements for people after using the restroom or other activities, a study in Michigan state University indicated that only 5 percent of the person observed completely kill the germs and avoid causing infections by washing their hands. What's more, "one thirds of them didn't use soap and there are still a few people finishing without washing hands", says Dr.Cha,"Washing hands is just a sample behavior that we can do to reduce and control

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