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Revenge of the Bridesmaids is a comedy movie which talks about two bridesmaids plan to destroy a wedding for their best friend because the bride stole their friend’s boyfriend. It is not a hit movie and certainly not a blockbuster, but I think it will brings a lot of fun to the audience if it is adapted into a musical. This movie starts with one of the main characters, Abigail, as voice-over, explains the relationship among her, other two women Parker and Racheal, and the bride Caitlin, each’s personality, their childhood together and why she and Parker and Racheal do not like Caitlin. When this part is performed on the stage, there will be an exposition song singing by one of the performers who is taking the part of Abigail to explain the whole thing, with other performers acting aside about things that are described in the lyrics, including things that happened when the main characters were kids (acting by young performers). This song’s title will be “Things You Should Know,” and there will be some dance combining with acting. Then the story will flow just like what is in the movie, but there will be revised dialogue among characters. So basically Abigail and…show more content…
During the process, they find out that Caitlin only want to marry to Tony for his money, so she lies about that she is pregnant. Abigail, Parker and Rachel collect evidence and prepare to uncover the truth in the wedding. There will be songs, dialogues, and dance along with acting to showcase this part when performing on the stage. Then comes to the second climax, the wedding. The chaotic situation will be showed by all of the main characters singing together with group dance. The song they sing will called “The Wedding,” and I want the choreography here to be rambling. Then ultimately, the show will end exactly as what it likes in the movie, where Caitlin loses and Rachel and Tony get together
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