Rewards In Learning English Essay

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The problems in learning English as a second language is a never ending issues. This is because, the students consider English language class as uninteresting and it fails to attract their attention. (Guendouze, 2012) Thus, teachers should find ways to influence the student’s attitude to gain their interest in learning English. Student’s attitude is linked to their motivation. Thus, teachers should know that the attitude of learners towards the learning process highly influence their potential to learn the language, and helps in increasing their motivation. Teachers opt to use rewards and punishments to create a good learning environment and also to gain their students’ interest towards learning English. However, rewards and punishments affect people differently depending on how they perceived them.
System of rewards has been widely used in teaching and learning progress. (Yuan, 2012) According to Armstrong (2005), one of the most important concerns of the usage of rewards is that, it can be used to motivate people to perform better. Rewards in this context are used in a very broad sense. It could be external rewards such as presents, awards or material values as well as internal rewards such as compliments, and appreciations.
As claimed by Fantuzzo (1991) cited by Kohn, (1994), in classrooms in the United States,
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(Walker, Calvin, Ramsey. 1995) Rewards are also known as positive reinforcement. Rewards were used to motivate and support students who felt like they were not very good at a subject and for the best effort. (Ching, Gregory. 2012) The importance of using rewards lies in the fact that the students will certainly gain a strong feeling of confidence. (Guendouze, 2012) With the presence of rewards, they are more motivated to engage in learning experience. They will be more likely to answer questions challenged by the teachers and take part in a given
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