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I have been writing rhetorical analysis ever since the start of my freshman year of high school and I have always never enjoyed them. Rhetorical analysis are unique compared to the three other writing styles because the writer has to look specifically at the structure of a piece whereas in the other three styles, the writer gives their own talking points. Although rhetorical analysis are fairly easy to write, they are the least favorite of the four to write about because I am forced to just look at the structure of a piece and they are not entertaining to write. Rhetorical analysis essays require the writer to keep an unbiased opinion on a piece and just look at the author’s use of rhetorical strategies and how they are successful. This really …show more content…

There is nothing entertaining in my mind at looking at the author’s use of logos in order to persuade an audience. Even if the rhetorical analysis was over a piece I enjoyed and agree with, it is still not entertaining to write. As seen with the most rhetorical analysis that I wrote, I choose to write the analysis over a speech given by Bernie Sanders. I support Bernie Sanders and a majority of his positions, however when writing the rhetorical analysis, I found no pleasure in writing the essay. It would have been far more entertaining and enjoyable to write an argument essay over why Bernie Sanders would be a good President rather than analyzing his use of rhetorical appeals. Rhetorical Analysis essays do not interest me in any form, which causes them to be boring to me. Rhetorical Analysis essays have long been my least favorite style of essay to write about, and I cannot see this opinion changing anytime in the near time future. Unless the rules of a rhetorical analysis are changed and something unique is added to them, there is no way I can see myself enjoying them. The only benefit I can see in a rhetorical analysis is that of the three other styles, they are the easiest to me to write. However, not even this factor can encourage me to enjoy a rhetorical

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