Essay On Richard Lionheart

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On the 6th of April 1199, Richard I, also known as Richard Lionheart for his exceptional leadership skills and his cunning as a military leader, passed away in the arms of his mother from a gangrenous wound inflicted by an arrow from a crossbow. Richard I was born the son of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine on the 8th of September 1157 in Beaumont palace in Oxford, England. He was one of 8 children and his legitimate siblings were William, young Henry, Matilda, Geoffrey, Eleanor, Joan and John. Richard was Duke of Normandy, Duke of Aquitaine, Duke of Gascony, Lord of Cyprus, count of Poitiers, count of Anjou, count of Maine, count of Nantes, and Overlord of Brittany and he ruled England from 1189 until his death 10 years later. Richard I wasn’t very fond of his place of origin, demonstrating that by only spending six months out of his 10 year reign in England. Throughout the course of raising funds for his crusade, during which he sold a lot of property, he claimed that "If I could have found a buyer I would have sold London itself.". He was the third son in line for the throne and could not have any realistic expectations to become king. Henry the young king, his brother, died at a young age from dysentery. Geoffrey died in a tournament, making Richard I first in line for the throne. At the age of 11, Richard was invested to the duchy of Aquitaine and at the age of 15, he was given the duchy of Poitiers. Richard I’s skill in siege warfare was proven by
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