Essay On Right To Bear Arms

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In the wake of the political crisis of 1975, the men with the assault rifles took the actions the of government much more harder than expected. The National Rifle Association of American (NRA) is an American profitless organization which supports gun rights. The modern NRA continues to educate people on gun competency and wellbeing. The government has been trying to take away the peoples rights to bear arms, which is clearly being depicted in this cartoon above. Illustrating the distraught and sadness of Americans in a political cartoon, Eugene Payne draws a large man who is resting while sucking his thumb with his weapon alongside him, however the word assault rifle is crossed out and it is altered by hunting rifle because the government is trying to take away the privilege to bear arms as it is demonstrated on the mans security blanket. That is to say that the government is attempting to take away our security blanket that gives Americans the right to carry arms. The NRA is greatly against the governments ideas on taking away our right to bear arms. Eugene Payne uses symbols…show more content…
The end of the large man’s shoulder has a security blanket on it, which is representing the fellow Americans who are part of the National Rifle Association (NRA) are protected by the Second Amendment, which gives American citizens the right to bear arms. On the actual security blanket, one can see the tatters and ripped ends of the blanket, which could potentially symbolize how the American government is trying to take away that blanket which would ultimately lead to Americans losing the privilege to carry arms. Also, in case the reader misses the symbolism, Payne also blatantly labels the shirt of the large American as the National Rifle Association (NRA). The literal partially tattered security blanket represents the metaphorical strain the American government has put on many of its citizens who support carrying
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