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Natural Remedies for Fungal Infections and Ringworm Caused by Animals

Ringworms are red or dry changes of the skin, which are often itchy and they need to be treated for a long time. These are several tips on how to treat fungal skin infections with natural remedies.
What causes ringworm? Scaling, change in color, itchiness and dryness of the skin usually indicate a fungal infection known as ringworm. There are also other fungal infections that have the same symptoms as ringworms. The same symptoms are seen in cases of eczema, psoriasis, recurrent herpes simplex and many other skin conditions. Pets can often cause this fungal infection. The treatment of ringworms is most effective if they are treated both from the inside and outside
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Smash the husk of green nuts. Smear the ringworms with it, four times a day, until the ringworms disappear.
4. Plantain tincture – put 30 grams of fresh plantain herb leaves in a bottle or a jar after washing and chopping them. Pour 120 milliliters of olive oil over the leaves. Cover the leaves with oil completely. The bottle should be exposed to the sun for 40 days and then you should strain it over thick gauze into a dark bottle. Smear the remedy on the sick skin.
English marigold cream Pick and chop two handfuls of English marigold, including the flower, the leaves and the stem. Heat half a kilo of lard. Add the English marigold, leave it to boil for a short time, stir and remove from heat. Leave it to rest overnight. Heat the mixture slightly the following day, so that you are able to strain it. Keep the cream in a container. Smear it on the infected skin several times a day and the fungal infection will disappear.
Apple cider vinegar for the skin Apple cider vinegar is very effective in the treatment of inner and outer body infections. Treat fungal skin infections with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. To treat ringworms on the scalp mix the vinegar with walnut oil.
Excessive personal care treatments and fungal skin

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