Ritual Cleansing Research Paper

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Pre-Practical exercise Questions:

1.What is ritual cleansing?
Ritual cleansing is the cleansing the affected body part/container/ utensil/ cloth/ equipment/ machine with severe najs (najs mughallazah such as dog and pig) using soil mixed with water once and absolute water six times.

2.Why do you need to perform a ritual cleansing?
To clean the body part/ container/ utensil/ cloth/ equipment/ machine affected with severe najs in order to remove the impurity.

3. How to do a ritual cleansing?
Firstly, clear and remove the existence of najs from the affected body part, even if a few washes are needed, Then, prepare a mixture of soil or clay soap. Soil must be free from najs and water shall be clean and free from najs. The amount of soil or
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According to Islamic law, najs are the things or persons regarded as ritually unclean for example, halal food that has been contaminated with things that are non-halal. If a Muslim is in contact with najs, the cleansing process needs to be done before proceeding to religious duties such as prayer (Al-Qaradawi, 2001). There are three type of najs stated in MS1500:2009 shown at table 1 (Dahlan, 2010). In order to comply with the requirements of halal, Islam requires proper clay water cleansing with the mixture of water and soil or clay. The way to cleansing this severe najs is called samak or dibagh in Arabic, sertu in Malay and is also known as Islamic cleansing.

Table 1 shows the categories of najs and its cleansing method.
Classification Example of najs Cleansing method
Mukhaffafah (light najs) Urine of boys aged less than 2 years old and fully breastfed. Remove najs and sprinkle water over the contaminated area.

Mutawassitah (medium najs) Apart from the heavy and light najs vomit, blood, urine, and so forth. Remove najs and wash with free flow clean water until achieve absence of appearance, color, odor and taste.

Mughallazah (severe
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The soap must meet the certain conditions that meets the requirements. The percentage of soil content to soap ingredients must be higher

Sertu is the ritual cleansing performed by Muslims when they come into contact with items considered ritually unclean.
The water used in the method sertu must:
• Natural or clean water.
• Avoid using musta'mal water (water that has already been used for other purposes).
• Water that is free from any element of the filth.

Soil used in sertu can be classified as below: i . Good soil is clay like soil to make pottery , taken at least 4 meters below ground level . ii . The soil should be sun dried , crushed into dust and must certainly not be contaminated with something unclean . iii . The collected dust is used as the main material for the process sertu. iv . Any part of the soil that is believed is pure and clean.

Industries must follow the halal regulation in order to create halal food.

Al-Qaradawi, S. Y. (2001). The Lawful and The Prohibited in Islam. Cairo, Egypt: Al-Falah Foundation for Translation, Publication &

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