The Ritz-Carlton Case Study Organizational Culture

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Organizational culture
It is the shared values, principles, traditions and ways of doing things that influence the way organizational members act.
The Ritz-Carlton’s Culture

Importance of this culture
This type of culture is important because it has effect on employees and it is linked with extraordinary performance. Considering customer service is a must for a luxury hotel particularly when dealing with customers one of the goal a hotel can be name or rate as luxurious is because of the service that people get. It is always good to be called as sir or madam. It shows value to their customers and hospitality. The way they treat people make it outstanding from the rest. People love attention and this hotel demonstrates it
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Since this kind of organization’s culture depends on the capability of the leader, so the choice and progress is considered as a critical variable and much time and effort should be spend on them.
Employees working in this kind of organization culture are hesitant to change and they react to the changing environment by overlooking the change.
This kind of organization culture is very costly.

Question 2:
What challenge do you think the company faced in changing the culture? What is The Ritz-Carlton doing to maintain this new culture?
The challenge Ritz-Carlton faced
A challenge that may Ritz-Carlton faced is sustaining and making their culture stronger. They might also face difficulty in applying the culture to their employees with thorough basic of the culture system that Ritz-Carlton have.
Maintaining the new culture
In order to maintaining the new culture Ritz-Carlton must be doing the following:
• Planning
Ritz Carlton has established a suitable new culture with constrains decision making in organization functions.
• Organizing
Management is giving a degree of independence to the employees.
• Leading
They are training employees for degree of concern and job
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Question 4:
What could other organizations learn from The Ritz-Carlton about the importance of organizational culture?
Organizational culture is the system of beliefs and values which influences the behavior of people in an organization and governs how the employees perform their jobs.

The Ritz-Carlton hotels have a strong culture and other organizations can learn a lot from them including:
• Empowerment of employees and giving them autonomy to take their own decisions in a way which is beneficial for the organization.
• Giving the employees a sense of belonging to the company so that the turn out rate is low.
• Treatment of employees ethically and like customers by giving them benefits so they give their best while working.
• Equal and fair treatment of employees by not being biased towards front-row or main employees.
• Bringing changes in culture to meet the demand of the prevailing situation. •Setting up of a flexible environment.
• Letting the employees be calm and natural around customers rather than forcing them.
• Giving top priority to customer service even if the company is not getting the desired
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