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Pollution is the addition of any harmful addition to the environment. River pollution is caused by a number of factors including sewage pipes, corporation waste and illegal dumping. Many Rivers around Ireland are or have been polluted in the past, such as the River Lee, Liffey and Tolka. River pollution isn’t as big of a problem as it is in some parts of the world such as India, however it can kill fish and other organisms living in the river and can also be a threat to human health. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 71 % of the country’s rivers are in good condition, however much can be done to improve this.…show more content…
Possible environmental impact
If river pollution continues it may lead to the increase of pathogens in the river channel and further biodiversity loss. Sewage systems often flow into rivers in Ireland, this sewage may contain many pathogens. If sewage treatment and management is not controlled, these pathogens may end up in people’s drinking water, bathing water etc. Poor sanitation is a major problem in developing countries such as India where cholera and dysentery are killing millions. If these pathogenic rivers flood, it may destroy farmland and cause it to become baron

6. Solution/Proposed solution
River pollution can be both prevented and controlled. Prevention should be the main goal, but if the pollution that is already occurring can be controlled, it will make a positive difference. The most obvious way to prevent river pollution in Ireland is to stop dumping industrial waste, sewage and household waste into the river. This will prevent the entry of pathogens and will prevent further wildlife being killed. Large rubbish items that are dumped by humans interferes with the flow of water by causing an obstruction. The river velocity may increase in order to bypass the dumped rubbish which increases the erosive powers of the river. If this waste is cleared, it may prevent the erosion of the surrounding

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