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I. Introduction A. According to Tam, Malaysia 's Vision 2020 is to become a developed nation "as the goal of the country, but if traffic accidents rising, it makes us facing challenges and more far away from the goal. (Fai, 2015) B. We are often shocked by the news of the horrific accident that engage in human sacrifice. Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar (2014) states that in Malaysia, the number of road deaths is alarming. (FONG, 2014) C. There have two causes can lead to increased road accident are human error, and vehicular factor, consequently it may affect a normal person to handicap. II. Body A. Firstly, human error is one of the cause that lead to road accidents. 1. When a person’s attention is not enough may cause to…show more content…
Overweight vehicle have increase the risk to the road accident. a. People tend to reduce the transportation cost such carrying a lot of people and cargo. b. For instance, the bus are carrying a lot of people and the lorry carrying lot of palm tree to the destination, it will make driver difficult to drive, the vehicle sometimes fail to work and also will unable to control. i. Human error, and vehicular factor are the main cause of increased rate of road accidents in Malaysia. ii. That is why, driver must drive carefully on the road to reduce future traffic accidents in Malaysia. C. Lastly, handicap is one of the effect of road accidents in Malaysia. 1. Friends and family need to take care of them because health status is not normally like before. a. They will afraid to face other people because of personal different such as there are disfigured and broken hand or foot. b. For example, the athlete people will shattering their dream from their personal ability. 2. Besides, handicap people will difficult to face their work. a. Handicap people sometimes cannot complete the simple task by themselves. b. Company will rarely hire disables person, so they will lose their job and income to survive. III.

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