Essay On Road Accidents

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For some reason, I have had bad luck with cars. I have never broken a mirror, had a black cat cross my path, or carried a white lighter. I would like to think in almost all other aspects I am pretty lucky. In my lifetime, I have only been in three major accidents. Everyone has their little accidents such as a fender bender or ding of some sort, these accidents are on a whole other level. Personally, I think I am a good driver since I have never been in an accident where I was driving. These accidents were all taken place with someone else as a driver. The very first accident was with my grandma. My brother was sitting in the front seat while I was in back. The car was an old Lincoln Town Car. We were driving downtown Belleville and had a four way stop. My grandma stops and the car to the left of us must not have seen the huge white car. As my grandma gets halfway through the intersection, this car decides they want to go at the same time. The lady in the other car completely ran into the passenger side where my brother and I were sitting. The police and firefighters came and got us out. Luckily, in this accident, there were no injuries, but it was still a scary experience. My next accident happened on a warm February morning in 2015. It was like any other day, Peter and I ate some breakfast grabbed our stuff, then hit the road to make sure we made it to school on time. But on this day, we did not make it. I live on a back road, so you have to take the road I live on to another back road, then finally to the highway. We had a curve right at the end of the second back road before it…show more content…
But along with that, they have also caused me to have bad anxiety when I am riding with someone else. In a situation like that, the driver has full control of whether you are safe or not. To me, that is truly terrifying. I never take moments for granted since I realize how soon they can be taken
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