Essay On Road Construction

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An introduction to highway building: Although there are many methods to constructing a road, all are based on the principle that geographical objects are removed and replaced with harder and more wear-resistant materials. The pre-existing rock and earth is removed by digging or explosions. Tunnels, embankments and bridge are then added when necessary. The material that the road is being constructed from is then laid by various pieces of equipment, which will be looked at in greater detail in this assignment. The construction management of roads has become increasingly more difficult as larger structures are constantly being required in increasingly short amounts of time. A good stretch of road will require sufficient drainage, good time and space management, and of course a huge emphasis of the safety aspect of the structure. It is up to the construction manager to make sure all these objectives are achieved, as well as trying to save money where possible to increase profit on the project. Time, money and resource management are of utmost importance to the manager. Techniques to building a road: Asphalt. Building a road using asphalt material is perhaps one of the most common approaches taken to building a road/highway. This method has been in places…show more content…
Cracks are expected at intervals in this slab (Usually .90 to 1.2m) and are held together with structural steel. Appropriate spacing between cracks must be determined in order for this method to work. Continuously reinforced roads can sometimes be more expensive than the other two methods due to the higher quality of steel used in its construction, however this can be lowered by the reduced amount of cement used in the concrete mixture due to the thinner layer of concrete in comparison with the other two methods. With proper management, this method can be similar to the other two in terms of durability and cost
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