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Road safety are means and a system used to make life on the road safer. By us using the road daily, we have to ensure the road is harmless to everyone whether in terms of vehicle collision, soil erosion, unstable ground or even the death of people and moreover.
The roads are extremely crowded in today’s world, having this many vehicles and people it’s vital to keep everyone safe and sound from harm. Statistically showing, “there are more than 1.2 million people that die in road traffic crashes every year” (World Health Organization).This indicates that road safety is problematic even with today’s technology and ideas showing its imperative to take action.
Physics involves a lot in the way the traffic works. There are many elements within
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“The main victims of car accident related deaths are the youth. In fact, major problems faced problems such as HIV/AIDs, malaria and moreover kill less young people aged between 15-29 than those of road collisions.” ( This means that road safety is extremely tough to handle, having more youth dying from traffic reasons than other global issues as stated. Youth had suffered the most in our society, “deaths of more than 1,000 number of youths on the roads daily ( Also, the fast and developed car engines alongside the wide streets have significantly tempted our youth to drive wild. The numbers of car races has increased gradually over the years. The movies also played a negative role to today’s society in terms of road safety. Governments on attempt to control such problems have introduced radar systems and severe traffic violations. This turned to be effective on main roads, however death is still present on the roads. Primarily, defensive driving from each of the society individuals remains the key to car accidents eliminations. Inexperience of people has also been a major issue in car accidents so is age and

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