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The Road Transport Network is the means through which business organisations can transport their goods from one place to another. It is defined as “The transport of passengers or goods on roads” . There has been data which suggests that overloaded trucks are a barrier to India’s progress, because they are harming the roads and highways through which these goods and resources are transported. Truck overloading is defined as “when any person drives or allows to be driven in any public place any motor vehicle exceeding the specified weight.
As mentioned earlier, India’s road transport network is facing an immense amount of loss due to the overloading of trucks. It has become an issue, where various stakeholders such as: the government, business organisations, NGO’s and the general public have tried to take some action in order to solve this matter. As there has been some progress made there are still overloaded trucks travelling on the roads.
A significant factor which is responsible for truck overloading are the businesses operating within India and especially those who use trucks to transport their materials. A businesses main aim is profit and they will not acknowledge the fact that their greed for money directly affects the general public. In other words,
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It is has been estimated that an overloaded truck reduces the life span of the road. The average life span of a road is 10-13 years, but due to overloaded trucks this figure comes down to 3.5 years . Research done by the Central Road Research Institute portrays that an overloaded truck bearing about 50% extra weight damages the roads by 16% more than a normally loaded truck . Furthermore, an increase in load by 10%, would cost about Rs20 lakh (US 35000) per lane per kilometre over and above the normal maintenance cost. This leads to the destruction of overlays and the formation of

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