Essay On Road Transportation

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Transport plays a significant role in the modern economy. The basic purpose of transportation is moving goods and people from one place to another (Redding, S. J., & Turner, M. A. (2014)). It is an integral part of a modern day society, designed to provide efficient and economical movement between the component parts of a country and offer maximum possible mobility to all citizens (Leshem and Ritov, 2007).An efficient transportation system can improve the productivity of an economy while it increase the economic growth of the country.
Transportation can be in different ways and means, but road transport is directly affect to the growth of a country. The real value added value of land transport service activities, have grown by 4.5 percent in year 2016.According to (Leshem et al, 2007), road transportation is a critical link between all the other modes of transportation and their proper functioning. It is the lifeblood of industrialized economies. Unfortunately, the existing road network, including the motorway system, is becoming explosively congested due to increase in the number of vehicles and inability to build new and larger motorways (David
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Lack of infrastructure and inefficiency of using road facilities has increased the cost of transportation. This leads to the increase of price of goods and services. In parallel to this, the vehicle population has also increased. As a result, Most of the countries in the world now facing with high cost of transporting goods and people due to high traffic congestion in roads.
In Asian economies, road congestion has already costs an estimated 2%–5% of gross domestic product (GDP) every year due to lost time and higher transport costs. The region 's cities suffer from the highest air pollution levels in the world, with as much as 80% attributable to transport.
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