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Technologies have changed the world, and one of this changes connected to science. As an example can be presented robotic technology which in common as it is written in Oxford Dictionaries (n.d.) may be defined as “... branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots”. The space robots and planet rovers as a special case can be attributed to labour field of robotics because today it would be too dangerous and expensive to send people to another planets; therefore special agencies such as NASA, ESA (European Space Agency) send remotely-controlled rovers to space. The aim of this article is to analyze impacts of NASA’s robotic technology from three views: plans for future, technology and economics.…show more content…
ISECG (International Space Exploration Coordination Group) reports that many problems related to space investigation provide innovations which could be transferred to other spheres of life (2013). For instance, in 1995, design of engine pump from one space shuttle was developed to heart pump which saved many lifes or in the previous year robotic hand which is used to service spacecrafts and equipment was adopted to make distant surgical operation (Wilson, n.d.). Thus, and other applications of space technologies may let experts say that benefits of NASA’s programs overbalance…show more content…
The most important, could be exploration of water and mineral resources on Mars. Thus may give sensible help to first astronauts and colonists. Another straight impact is testing of new technologies and principles which can give new devices or equipment. One more influence is related with first impact and only supports development of technologies. Overall, that robotic technology could give possibility to make Red Planet comfortable for people. If specialists and scientists develop technologies and use them, there should be very intelligent

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