Essay On Rock And Roll Culture

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Rock and roll music culture has affected the world we live in today in both positive and negative ways. It has changed the black and white racial barrier and the views on people’s emotions, but it has also negatively affected drug use and some behaviours of others. Rock and roll music culture started as a very small and non harmful thing and it eventually became a popular topic within the media. Slowly, the ways of others began to change as results of listening to rock and roll. They passed these ways on through the generations and today, it now affects our everyday lives in various forms. Whether positively or negatively, rock and roll music and its culture has changed the world. In the 1950’s, rock and roll music was born from certain…show more content…
The 80’s brought many electrical, faster paced songs which became popular with many people.The 1980’s included many popular rock ‘n roll music from Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Heart, and many other artists. (Szatmary, 269)The 1980’s brought more of an electronic feel to rock and roll music and the 80’s had more women in rock and roll then there has ever been.Many artists at that time still used some of the original rock and roll techniques while adding in a more fun/upbeat sound. In the 1950’s, African-American and white teenagers would go to rock and roll concerts. None of it was segregated and they did it in hopes of breaking the racial barrier and to influence others that there should be no racism. Many rock and roll concerts were attended by interracial audiences and most of the time, there were no racial tensions between anybody. (Kaliss) “The Ku Klux Klan also targeted rock and roll concerts and radio shows for violent protests because of the music’s popularity across the color line.” (Kaliss) There was nothing wrong with mixed race audiences but some saw it as absurd and parents would prohibit their children from going. The coming together of those teenagers highly influenced racism and helped with getting equal rights for black
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