Essay On Role Clarification In Healthcare Organizations

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The overall organization and the administration of hospital networks, health care systems, and many related healthcare settings could affect the patient health prognosis, quality of care provided, and patient satisfaction. Health care organization is defined as a structured social environment or a system mainly for the delivery of health care services by specialized workforce to particular populations, communities and markets. The service provided, their mission statements, and whether they are a private or public organization may classify the health care organizations.
The importance of all health care organizations is to provide healthcare service regardless of income status. The work force for the health care organization is linked to persons
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Collaboration of staff requires communication between health care plan team, problem solving skills, implementation and intervention of a plan as a team, understanding own responsibility, along with understanding each member’s role in the team. Given health care professionals, clarification of each member’s role, is important to prevent conflicts. Pointing out each member’s role helps reduce inner team conflicts, alleviate role uncertainty, build trusting relationships and dissolve professional boundaries.
Role clarification is complex. The roles of a professional in the healthcare industry depend upon a number of descriptions: scope of practice that is constantly evolving, which is the duties they perform in their practice. Acute vs. community setting, interdisciplinary, clinic vs. un-indisciplinary clinic, and the varying unique competencies and skills that each practitioner possesses are examples of different responsibilities in different health care facilities. The illustrated diagram however shows how the role of the healthcare professional is determined. It is determined by their scope of practice, their individual competencies, and the specialty department placed

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