Essay On Role Models In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Role models are the epitome of what one strives to be, learn from, or simply to be. In To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee distinguishes Calpurnia, Miss Maudie, and Atticus as role models for Scout to help guide and portray her coming of age in order to further prove the overall themes of the novel such as coming of age and prejudice. Scout Finch’s knowledge of Maycomb County and the things surrounding her is minimal until she receives guidance from her family, friends, and neighbors. Also, along with these two main themes Scout’s character is changed because of her role models who assist her throughout the novel. The role models of Calpurnia, Miss Maudie, and Atticus teach her lessons on her education, racism, and respect. The character of Miss Maudie in To Kill a Mockingbird aids Scout in her coming of age by showing her the good, teaching her important lessons about Maycomb, and standing up for what she believes in. In the…show more content…
Calpurnia teaches her how to be respectful, learn the ways of Maycomb and stand up for what is right. Miss Maudie encourages Scout to be the type of woman she wants to be and mature properly in their racist town like her father has. Finally, as her biggest role model, Atticus gives life lessons that apply greatly throughout Scout’s life as well as the novel and teaches her tolerance for prejudice which assists her coming of age. Because of these role models Scout is changed and grown-up. This novel is still appropriate to life today because the morals do not lose value from the time period it was written compared to present time. Harper Lee uses these role models for Scout to assist in conveying the overall themes of coming of age and prejudice in a way that makes the novel appropriate today because they are real, relatable situations that any person can learn
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