Argumentative Essay: The Role Of Attorneys

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The role of Attorney for a juvenile is complex. Is the attorney held to the same moral standards when defending juveniles as he/she is when defending an adult? Juveniles are not mentally and educationally mature to understand the law, the extension of what their offense is, or how it impacts those around them. Often attorneys have the dilemma of having to decide to override their clients wants and decisions because they know they genuinely have their clients best interest. a. Lawyer’s responsibility to his adult client is client-centered and client-empowering. Giving the client dignity and freedom to express their goals and make their own decisions: The vision of empowering the client and challenging them to consider long-term rewards.…show more content…
Who gets to decide; the question of who gets to decide is inextricably linked to notions of competency and autonomy, the child client is peculiarly disadvantaged. The child may be incapable of making reasoned decisions. 2. The attorney must make a judgment about the moral implications of the client’s goals (irrespective of the client’s legal right to pursue those objectives) 3. d. Guardian ad litem 1. Guardian ad litem is a nonpartisan qualified person, usually a lawyer, appointed by the court to participate in court proceedings on behalf of a minor party. 2. “A guardian ad litem in this category is appointed to enforce and defend the child’s legal rights and does not include appointment as the child’s attorney.” ( 3. “Legal Rights/Advisor. Advise the child on matters arising in delinquency and youthful offender cases (e.g., waiver of right to a jury trial, tender of plea), in the absence of a parent or interested adult, to the same extent and in the same manner as the parent(s) or interested adult whose responsibility it is to consult and advise the child.”
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