Communication In Primary Care Essay

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Recently, there is an inevitable care of patients that seems to involve many different individuals, all needing to share patient information and discuss their management. As a consequence there is increasing trend in, using information and communication technologies to support health services. However, there is a significant investment in information technologies, communication systems receive much less attention and the clinical adoption of even simpler services like voice-mail or electronic mail is still not commonplace in many health services. There remain enormous gaps in our broad understanding of the role of communication services in health care delivery. Laboratory medicine is perhaps even more poorly studied than many other areas, such as the interface between primary care and hospital services.
Over the past years, an online communication revolution in the community has motivated patients to explore opportunities to use these modes of communication with their health care providers. Many patients see these new communication tools as much more efficient than the traditional modes of communication—the face-to-face visit and the telephone. Many
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The communication boundary between primary care givers in the community and hospital based health services, for example, are characterized by the widely differing task styles and organizational structures of individuals within the two groups. Today’s health care system can benefit greatly from increasing its digital communication abilities. Patient portals provide access to health information and Increase communication between patient and clinical staff (Social media can reach a large audience and different sites can target different

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