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A research about the amount of elementary schools using computers, in U.S in 2006, showed that from the 53.245 elementary schools, 55.4 percent of them is already using computers. The last two decades, technology is being developed more and more, day by day and it is spread throughout the whole world and affects every single sector of humans’ life. From everyday activities to work places and schools. In most developed countries a big percentage of schools have already started using computers and teaching students how to use them, too. However the challenge is to make students see computers not just as an electronic device, which is only useful for playing games, but instead, as an important tool they can use to solve any kind of problem they…show more content…
Are the effects going to be beneficial for students and learning, or maybe exactly the opposite? The role of computers in elementary school classrooms is still being determined. PCs are more broadly utilized in primary schools than in middle schools or secondary schools, as found by a 1992 report by the International Educational Association (IEA). Something more over 33 percent of pc use in primary schools is dedicated to technical mastery of the PC, with regard to the investigation of the software programs and touch-typing (D. Skinner). It is well known that students of elementary schools are nothing more than young children, which means that it is difficult to trust them. At the same time it also depends on the teachers to accept computers as a medium to teaching their students. When I was in elementary school, I remember using just books. Computers had not yet been adapted to schools. It is a fact that most teachers could not even handle a computer and I guess this is another reason why computers were so late to be used in elementary education in my country. After extensive research, it has been shown that computer use in elementary education has both benefits and

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