Musical Instruments In Creative Media Essay

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“The role of Musical Instrument Digital Interface in the Creative Media Industry”

Communication is the transportation of information between a sender and a receiver. Communication exists since prehistoric periods; it is the common language between living organisms whether through using signs, drawings, or sounds. Also, the organic processes occurring inside one’s own body are considered means of communication. The cultural evolution experienced by humans throughout history is based on this transportation of matter and energy between senders and receivers, leading to a developed technological state of being. Nevertheless, this evolution has not only led to a more effective and efficient communication between humans, but also between digital
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Not to forget, that it created a challenging environment between engineers, actors, composers, musicians, and production houses.

MIDI protocols made it possible to create your own studio at home allowing any talent with potential to try. It is no longer necessary to wait for a record deal or wait for a studio manager to give you a chance. In order to succeed in the music field all you need are new ideas and creativity.

In conclusion, MIDI is a binary language that allows one to create a sense of communication between all digital devices used in creative media fields. MIDI made a huge contribution to the creative media fields, and created an upheaval in the approach taken to apply one’s ideas. MIDI’s development offered the user to have as much wanted patches; the user is no longer constrained with 128 patches. Many great shows worldwide are highly dependent on MIDI protocols; these results that arose from the usage of MIDI were not expected nor thought of while creating the MIDI protocol. Now one can sync and control all digital equipment and devices to work at the same time, whether it be music, video, animation or all types of media

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