Essay On Role Of Media In Democracy

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1.1 Introduction
Media is the backbone of democracy. The role of media in our society is very significant. Media supply the political information to the viewers that help them to make their opinion. Media also plays the watchdog role in society to identify the problems and wrongdoing of those who have the authority. Elections are a main part of the democratic structure and highlight the basic features of formation of a government and political structuring of a specific state (Shively, 2003).
Elections play a role of bridge among people and political leaders. Moreover elections play the role of an instrument of political socialization and involvement (Palmer, 1975: 1).
In democratic cultures media considered as a representative of society. In
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Leadership is very compulsory in political process, connection among People, Political Leader and Political Party is very complex. Politician generally belong to a political party, Political parties role is articulating the combination of interest in society. Media should be free and fair to report on the political parties campaigns so public can make the difference between them. Media should deliver the information to public on how to vote and told them the importance of their vote. Most important source of the public about political selections and elections is usually media If media is biased then it can be effect the result and change the views of public. We cannot neglect the role of media in democratic process though it play a significant role in shaping views of educated viewers but the least educated viewers are least influenced by media. In an election Campaign, the most important role of media is to alert and well-informed the public about their choices, telling the public about political parties manifesto and their strategies to influence the voters and observed that the elections that are going to be held will be free and fair. People want to know about party’s political history, party plan and party leader’s (Howard, 2004,

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