Essay On Role Of Media In Foreign Policy

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According to Padel Ford, foreign policy is the key element in the process by which certain states translates its conceived goals and interest into concrete course of action to attain these objectives and interest. It can be said that foreign policy requires official external relations by independent actor as one of the way to pursuit national interest. Other than that, foreign policy is defined as decisions and actions of certain states in international relations and it is one of the instrument of policy implementation. Some of the objectives of foreign policy are to seek territorial integrity of a country and to protect the interest of its citizen. In addition to that, it is to promote their national interest, such as the security, natural resources preservation and the well-being of its citizen. In order to achieve this certain objective, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration such as the size of a state, the culture and history, leadership, technology, as well as the role of media.
Media has become one of the powerful actors in foreign policy making due to its well development and growth over the years. It has its own role in influencing states foreign policy decision making in the world today. However, the role media is indeed being influenced
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If the media indicates such wrong image of a states, it will threaten the credibility of the economy of a states as well as making the state’s economic become less in power. Moreover, the government also use media s one of their important factor in getting consents from the public for its actions. The government official will use the media to steer the public opinion through controlling the access to information by choosing the certain topics that the public will receive through the

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