Essay On Role Of Religion In Society

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Religion can be classified as a set of beliefs or principles that influence the motive or thinking of it 's follower. It affects a person’s understanding of the ultimate reality, shapes his/her worldview of the nature of life and is a solution for humanity 's problem. The quest for meaning begins with the human search for God and the idea of truth. The outcome of this search is the birth of religion, in which there are so many theories seeking the exact origin of a religion. I do not intend this writing to be on the history of religion but I wish to comment that throughout the history of civilisation, religion has played a prominent role in many societies. And to begin with I have grabbed the opportunity to explain the role of religion on an individual. The role of an individual cannot be undermine with regard to the society as its sphere of influence encompasses culture, values, economics and governance. These touch upon the main aspects of society which as a whole are motivated by a group of people. Ideas and people are the agent of change. But what drives and inspire the society as a whole? What is the catalyst that sparks off a civilization? What is the hidden unifying force that propels unique individuals to work cohesively heading towards better social conditions? From a glance religion…show more content…
However, Islamic civilization is unique as it does not only spread the religion of Islam. It has also managed to preserve other traditions like the Greek tradition and even innovate new concepts to strengthen initial theories. The origin of Islamic civilization which has its beginnings from a rural Arabic society in Mecca and eventually culminated to be an empire buzzing with ideas that are rich with tradition was an amazing feat that one can never ever imagine. So, how can one absolutely deny that religion is the central characteristics of
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