Essay On Role Of Technology In Early Childhood Education

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Early Childhood Education : Role of Technology
Early childhood education (ECE) is a type of educational program which relates to the teaching of young children in their preschool years. It consists of many activities and experiences designed to assist in the cognitive and social development of preschoolers before they start elementary school. In most early childhood programs and schools, technology will be part of the learning background of the future. To make sure this new technology is used effectively, we must assure that teachers are fully trained and supported. In this paper, theoretical perspectives of child development are discussed with the basic elements of learning program. It also explains briefly the role of technology in Early Childhood Education.
Studies show that high-quality education early in a child’s life leads to continued success in school, at work, and leads to healthier well-rounded emotionally and socially. Recently, early childhood education has become a prevalent public policy issue and lawmakers have started considering funding for preschools [1][2][3]. Early childhood education often
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Strong emphasis is given on nurturing relationships with the families of young children and functioning collaboratively with other professionals. The program offers a series of coursework encircling infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and primary children. Through student teaching, field placements, and practical learning, students build up competence in the use of developmentally appropriate practices. Major themes within the program comprise understanding and respecting family diversity, supporting families in their roles with young children, and addressing the necessities of children with special needs in inclusive
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