Essay On Role Of Women In Advertising

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Role of Women in Chinese Advertising over the last 50 years The role of women in advertising is to attract other people’s attention and show some spirit. Role of women in advertising always are different at different time. That change always about social changes, role of women need comply with social to help social solve some questions or show things to meet the people’s demands. So at different times role of woman are different, China had a lot of different times, like Cultural Revolution and Reform and opening period, at that time role of woman always not same. Facts proved that we need to acknowledge the role of women in Chinese advertising are different, they use more way to manifestation their emotion. They use this way to conform to social need. The most important conclusion is social change which show the change of the role of woman in advertising. Now advertising is not just a publicity, it can abundant people’s life and lead to people maintain happy. In China, advertising reflect social conditions for women during the Cultural Revolution. In the Cultural Revolution, people thinking advertising represents capitalism, so they destroyed nearly all business advertising, just leave about the revolution propaganda posters. Women were shown to always look like soldiers and workers, like a man. They always were shown wearing…show more content…
I think everything always depend on social to work. It’s like galaxy, social look like sun, it’s central of every other things. Other things always surround social to work. but it’s not means other things changes can’t change social. They are influence each other and change each other. May an avant-garde modeling can lead a trend about fashion. And pass fashion to change social’s aesthetic. Identical principle, social’s aesthetic make a standard give people, role of women in advertising always use this standard.I think role of women in advertising is adapt social change to
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