Essay On Role Of Women In Society

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Role of women in society Outline: 1. Introduction 2. The Role of women in society a. As a wife b. As a mother and teacher c. The Role of women in state’s economy d. The Role of women in politics 3. Counter argument on role of women 4. Conclusion Women play a vital role in our society and their role has become important since the dawn of the current century. According to survey of Pakistan women contribute to almost 52% of the total population of Pakistan, which shows that the participation of women in building a society cannot be neglected. In early periods women were just used as sex toys or as a housewife whose work is just to look after her house, but due to developments women are playing active role in society establishment. Once European rightly said “give men good mothers: I will give you a great nation”. Which means that women can play an active role in society as a wife, as a mother and also as a teacher. Western societies are well developed due to the role of women, women are working side by side to men which lead to competition between them, which lead to innovation and ultimately it end up to massive development, but in Asian countries the concept is different there is discrimination between men and women, men are supposed…show more content…
In order to strengthen bond in a society there must be a good family and for a good family there must be a good relationship between a husband and a wife-which is a basic unit of a society. Different religion gave almost same directions to wife for her behavior with her husband. As a wife, she should maintain discipline in house, she must not let enter anyone whom his husband don’t like and she must be loyal to her husband. Women can share her wisdom and knowledge to solve the ongoing problem of her husband. Women as a wife can act as companion of her husband which could let her husband to work well in office and it will help in prosperity of country and eventually it will benefit
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