Essay On Role Of Women In Sports

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Introduction With the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the status of women in China changed dramatically. Mao once said “Women hold up half the sky”. The government was beginning to realise the importance of women in the growth of society and that the liberation of women was necessary for the country to realise complete emancipation. “Local and national government and sports bodies provided equal opportunities, in terms of finance, coaching and training, to young girls who had sports talent.” The rationale for this research topic is that emphasis has not been placed on Chinese female athletes in bringing about improvement in women’s social status. There have always been a high percentage of women athletes in China, hence significantly raising their profile in Chinese society. However, women’s contributions to the…show more content…
It is inferred from the data-medal tally that Chinese sportswomen contribute significantly to the success of China. Nonetheless, the validity of this study still stands, as the case study of Li Na shows that women’s contributions to the sports sector indeed improve women's social status, although it is minimal compared to the increased social-economic opportunities from the reform period. 2) Most information found states that women are still experiencing discrimination and gender inequality in modern China. In terms of jobs, salary or healthcare, men still benefits more than women in terms of social status. Policies implemented by the Chinese Communist Party throughout the decades are not effective to a large extent in improving the social status of women in China. However, the validity of this study still stands as there has indeed been the elevation of women’s social status in China compared to during Mao’s era.
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