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If one takes a close look at Thai society today, women can be seen to be the ones who are running daily affairs. In a country where females outnumber males, women fulfill many of the major roles in society over the last few decades. Dr. SiriwanRatanakarn from Bangkok University discusses the important contributions made by women such as SikharaMaha-Devi, Nang Nopamas, Queen Suriyothai, Nang Suang and Queen Sirikit in a paper on the women's role in Thai society. She states that these women have helped to shape Thai culture, customs, and traditions either as regents themselves or as direct advisors to their kings. However, even though it has been generally accepted and agreed upon that the role of women is of increasingly importance in society today, there is still one last bastion forbidden to women- the domain of the Buddhist monkhood. This is something that has been strictly taboo for women in Thailand for the past centuries. Besides this, Thai buddhism has also shown other forms of discrimination towards women, which will be discussed thoroughly throughout this essay. Having a high percentage of Buddhists…show more content…
Gender discrimination arises as Thai Buddhists tend to believe in law of karma without question rather than in the Buddha Bhava of all beings. Gender discrimination can be seen in many ways through Thai Buddhism, such as preventing women from being ordained. However, efforts put in by women, such as the Bhikkhuni movement, is beginning to make a difference to woman’s role in Thai Buddhism by reducing such gender discrimination. The Bhikkhuni movement is used as a tool to leverage women in society, firstly granting religious acceptance, and consequently greater gender recognition in Thai society. With more and more women striving for gender equality, I believe that gender discrimination in Thai Buddhism can eventually be overcome and Thailand would be a better place to be

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