What Role Did Women Play In The Civil War

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When people think of the civil war they often think of the men who fought and gave their lives to support their cause. Often times people do not think of the women who put their lives on the line along side the soldiers. Women had played a very important role in the civil war. Many women were soldier, spies, nurses,cooks and etc. Women did anything and everything in their power to contribute to their causes. During the time of the civil war women were banned from fighting. Being a soldier was seen as a man’s job and not a role for a lady to do. In general women’s role at this time was to take care of the children, clean the house and cook for the family. Most women didn’t have jobs unless they were a school teacher or as domestic servant, but once they got married they were expected to no longer work. The only women who worked after marriage were poor families who often sent their children to work at a young age. Other wise women did not work. Being expected to…show more content…
Most husbands did not like the idea of their wife being in the army with them because it was a “ man’s job”. Women who went with their husbands refused to stay home alone with the children. When women left home with their husband and they sent the children to a sisters house or to her mother house. Another women joined the war alongside her brother. The siblings parents had died when they were younger and they had been together since then. They were unwilling to split up and have only one of them join the army, so they fought side by side until the brother died. Other women tried to become a daughter of the regiment.These women were like a “mascot”. They provide moral support for the soldiers, but they did see a great deal of action. These women were similar to other women soldier, but did half of the fighting and did not have to wear a
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