Essay On Role Of Women In Ww1

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Women as a whole have always been underestimated in their abilities to do certain things such as to join the military and be productive. Women started off having to depend on their husbands for everything. They were known to reproduce, stay at home ,cook ,clean and take care of their young. While men on the other hand made the living for the whole family they worked long hard hours everyday just to have an halfway decent life. The way it looked women would never be able to have independence and provide for themselves. Then before you know it war was in full swing and men were being drafted to go fight. At this very change in society things looked up for women somebody had to step up and fill in what men had did before. Women being able to serve many…show more content…
During the middle of the war The American Red Cross asked for 170 female surgeons and nurses to help care for the wounded soldiers. By May of 1917 enough men had been drafted to war women had to step up and take factory jobs. November of 1917 rolls around and the U.S. Army recruits the Hello Girls to become telephone operators in France to translate messages. Finally the war came to an end and men were able to return home , but when they made it home it was a problem they wanted their jobs back. Women had put in so much hard work and effort to get men’s jobs done while they were gone. Women being able to finally get a taste of what independence was like did not want to convert back to pre war conditions. They didn’t want to go back to having to depend on somebody to always make a living for them. The breakthrough for women in society began in 1918 when women over 30 were allowed to vote in Britain. In 1919 Dutch women were granted the right to vote and finally August 26,1920 American women were granted the right to vote. This was only one of the many ways women started to see roles in society were going to change for
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