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ng Articles Specific areas of learning How does role playing help my child? How Does Role Playing Help My Child Learn | KalliKids How does role playing help my child? Share to TwitterShare to Google+Share to facebookEmail a friendPin it to pinterest Share this page: Role play is a type of pretend play where children get into character and act out a role or real life context. Role play is an active, social activity where children can get into character and use role play to reflect on and develop their knowledge of a topic. Whist role play is a fun, and a ‘playful’ activity, it is also a key component of learning. Role play is essentially learning through play. Role play at school or nursery Learning through role play is so important that within the Early Years Primary classroom and nursery schools, there is usually an assigned ‘role play area’. This area can be decorated to suit particular topics and props can be left out for children to use and explore. Whilst role play is usually a child-led activity, the adult’s role can be vital. Rules need to be clearly established with (or by) the…show more content…
Why Is role play so effective? Role play is an effective learning tool as it encourages children to become active participants in their learning. They can move about, put themselves in someone else’s shoes, perhaps wear a costume and use props, communicate and make decisions in character, which will allow them to take risks and explore different areas. Learning from role play is therefore far more likely to stick with children than for example doing exercise sheets, mostly because they will be much more willing and enthusiastic! As a teacher, it is a great sign if you see the children you teach in the playground acting out what they have just learnt. This shows that you have grabbed their attention and engaged their
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