Roller Derby Argumentative Essay

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“It will be tough at times, but that is when you grow as a person and athlete:when you are challenged and you push through.” said -Jackie Daniels, TexasRollergirls. Roller derby is a contact sport played by two teams of five skaters skating in the same direction around a track. The game consists of a series of short jams in which both teams designate a jammer (with the star panty) who scores points by lapping members of the opposing team. Although Roller Derby the consist a Pivot, Blocker, and Jammer they all have to work as a team, while having their own responsibilities. Each player has their own playlist for each position, depending on hitting or a non hitting bout. Blocker one or known as Pivots are the skater with the striped panty over their helmet. On the Fabulous Sin City Roller Derby, Sticky Fingers, a day time bookkeeper/accounting assistant, for a small local company; says “I love being the pivot, is something I really enjoy. I just love strategy,…show more content…
Val Holla, a player on the Ohio Roller Girls, prefers jamming, “I’ve been really into jamming. However, blocking and jamming come with their own skill sets, feelings, and personal victories, I feel.” It takes a lot to be a jammer, because you have to listen to your team over the crowd, and have all eyes on you. When jamming you are basically on your own. While the jammer is making their way through the pack, the blockers are trying block the opposing jammer. The jammer has to make quick decisions, and find their own way through the pack. On the Rolling Hills Derby Dams, Cute-Thulu said, “Jamming is my lifeblood. I can't get enough of that adrenaline rush when I'm flying around the track, knowing my team is ready to make another hole for me to wiggle through”. Cute-Thulu's best move is jumping the apex(corner of the track), passing everyone at once, if done correctly. No one would be allowed to hit her, but if she doesn’t jump make it across he will be forced to the back of the
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