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The architecture known in Roman era through the archs , vaults and the domes, and most of them still existed 2000 years ago and this is because of the strength of the technique, construction and the materials used to build them, such as cement, concrete, marble, stone, and white limestone It was especially used for paving, door and window frames, and steps.
The most common architectures in this era:
-Columns: there are different types of columns: -Temples: The Roman temple (Maison Carré) of Nimes, France, built 19-16 BCE. -Theatres and amphitheatres: -Walls: as the Antonine and Hadrian’s Wall (c. 142 CE and c. 122 CE respectively)

-Triumphal Arches: The Arch of Constantine (c. 315 CE) in Rome is the largest surviving -Private Homes:
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At each end was situated a Roman castrum, each of them built around an entrance. it was the first bridge that built over the lower Danube. This bridge was constructed in 105 AD by the Greek architect Apollodorus of Damascus, it was situated east from the Iron Gates for the deployment of Roman troops during the conquest of Dacia.

-The impact of this roman architecture inspired many architects to design a modern architectures in roman style. We can see how the Roman designs are infrequent in modern buildings like : Vancouver Public Library is a landmark in downtown Vancouver BC. The design inspired from the Colosseum In terms of the outer circular shape and columns and the number of classes.

But despite the prosperity in the architecture got in of that era, we can’t forget the importance of the roman interior ,
The Roman homes were in round or oval shape with thatched roof, without windows they use the natural light that came from the aforesaid hole in the ceiling, with only one door for he whole house.
Also this homes didn’t have a chimney with the smoke escaping through a plain old hole in the

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