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INTRODUCTION Tradition has it Romulus as founder of Rome in 753 BC and archeology shows that the oldest remains of the first urban area are the middle of the eighth century BC; Another legend says that Rome was founded by Aeneas when he fled from the destruction of Troy, giving rise to a civilization that lasted over a thousand years and whose power spread over a vast territory that hitherto none had reached. · Who were the Romans? They were one of the many villages of Lazio to set their villages in the hills around the lower reaches of the Tiber. They are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, speaking in Latin, and were part of one of the many tribes of the Italian peninsula. In the period in which the legend attributes the founding…show more content…
However, Roman culture developed a new ideology and the creation of a different political, social and economic organization that provided own ways. In fact, the works of Roman art, as a whole, have a different appearance and Greek art when interpreted from the point of view that his intention is different from the Greek, Roman art is seen in a different light. Roman culture was very tolerant of the traditions of the conquered peoples, provided no attempt on the security of the Empire. Assimilative capacity was so intense that even absorbed the gods and other beliefs that helped shape a varied and syncretic religion. Roman art and culture assimilated both Greek heritage as the Etruscan and Hellenistic Middle East and Egypt. All this created a very open society, while diverse and complex. Therefore, Roman art is not presented in compact form, with a strictly differentiated and defined as Egyptian art or Greek style. Roman art meets several trends that exist in parallel at one time or combined in a single work. This quality individualized and can start talking about a Roman art with specific characteristics from the second century
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